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Live Pics and Video of F32 4 Coupe Concept Premiere at BMW Design Night

Live Pics and Video of F32 4 Coupe Concept Premiere at BMW Design Night

BMW held its Design Night premiering the new 4 Series Coupe Concept yesterday evening. The heads of BMW design and marketing were on hand to introduce the beautiful new concept.

The F32 4 Series coupe will begin deliveries starting late summer - early Fall of 2013 and it's currently rumored to be projected for a "just over" 2,000 euro higher price tag than the F30 3 series.

Catch all our BMW 4 Series coverage/updates @

UPDATED: More scenes from BMW Design Night debuting the F32 4 Series Coupe Concept

UPDATED: Video from BMW discussing the F32 concept's design:

Here are some photos and video, via and exklusivgolfen.

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