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Originally Posted by BimmerHJ View Post
Wow, seems like you don't have any common sense at all.

"It's NOT going to get worse" --> Wrong, it WILL get worse and worse, year after year after. It's a simple FACT for surface rust.

"It's NOT going to compromise the integrity of the car or affect it's safety/functionality/longevity." --> Wrong, it IS safety issue! Small rust particles can be a serious safety issue, and over the years of rust procedures, you may breath in tiny rust particles in your lung and can cause cancer. If you mentioned about the outside rust like under body, then it may be OK, but it's big NO NO if rust is inside.

Better to check your cars too. Good luck!

Rust will only develop if the metal is subjected to extended periods of time of high humidity/salinity. It's develops more rapidly at elevated ambient temperatures. A little known fact is that surface rust is actually protective for most alloys. Once it develops, it never goes any deeper. In this case, the only way you'll see an extensive bloom is if you park the car for months at a time with water sitting in the footwells or are close to an ocean. I'm guessing what we've seen up to this point developed while the cars were enroute on a very humid ship. Be careful tossing the word fact around. There are a million variables at play that can affect the outcome. I don't think anyone can definitively say what the affected cars have/have not been subjected to.

Regarding the claims of a health hazard, I'd love to see references to inhalation of rust particles leading to cancer (short of occupational exposure over extended periods). Regardless, the only way you'll ever be exposed to airborne rust particles is if you've mechanically disturbed it. There's nothing to motivate it to jump into the air otherwise. There are far worse hazards that you'll encounter during your day that should concern you more than rusty seat pans.

I'm not looking to pick a fight, I'm just trying to keep this in perspective. If anyone attempts to get help from their dealer making claims such as these they'll have an uphill battle for sure. You need to be rational and have reasonable expectations. I AGREE that it really shouldn't be there and that it should be addressed. But I also don't think it's the end of the world. It's a cosmetic issue, nothing more. Your opinion may vary.

I happen to like rusty BMWs: