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Exclamation What to expect during the first Service visit ~15K miles

This is not my first BMW, but it is my first Brand Spankin' New Cost-an-arm-and-leg BMW...

I have tried to search for the appropriate topic, but none could be found.

Here is my current situation:
my car has reached 13,200 miles and is requesting it's first Service Inspection etc etc... (technically it should be 15K miles, but the car does the calculation depending on how bad a driver you are)

The car is also requesting another quart of oil since the last top-off at around 9,000 miles. It would seem based on the trend that my 335i is burning a quart of oil every 3,000 miles.

But no matter, BMW is supposed to change the oil and the filter...

For those who have gone through this process, what can you tell us please?
how was your experience ? did it cost you anything despite them saying the car maintenance is zero for the first 4 years.
Did they force you to buy anything else ? any additional service?
were you treated nicely or bad? I think Lexus customer service is great. how is BMW's ? And how do you know the service has been properly performed?
There is no dipstick... how can i know if they really change the oil and filter without being able to see the color of the oil...

I have always serviced my own car myself, but with the F30 it's the first time i am going through the stealership...

Any tips? Any advice please? I want to make the process as smooth and pain free as possible...

I want to have my four-wheel alignment done... that's free service right?
cabin microfilter... is that free and part of the 15k factory service?

I told them to perform the necessary task to contain the seat frame rust (if my car is affected) ... do you think they will do it for me ?

the car is faintly pulling to the right...and my steering wheel doesn't seem to be absolutely straight when driving straight on the highway... Will they correct it for me free of charge?

I have noted a light buzz at the front right under carriage when driving around 50 mph and also at 70 mph... if they are able to confirm it and identified what the problem is, will they fix it for me as well (for free)?