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Originally Posted by S-Dot View Post
It wasn't supposed to be light, it was reported to be 88 lbs lighter on average for equivalent-equipped models. That's just a bit over two percent on average, so not a big difference overall, and not universally significantly lighter.

Car and Driver (ONE magazine) found their F30 335i test model to be 77 pounds heavier than a similar E90 335i they had tested, but they noted that a good chunk of that weight gain was due to the upgraded 19" wheels and run-flats.

That's pretty negligible considering the models weren't equipped equivalent, and including the heavier wheels and tires, even assuming the scale is 100% accurate for both measurements.

I haven't seen any other report showing a heavier measurement.

Bigger savings obviously with the 328i series, which is notably lighter this round versus the ol' V6.

So I'm not sure how one would accurately state this: "it was heavy and a big disappointment."
It was supposed to be lighter, but turned out to be heavier, which was big disappointment for me personally.