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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
Good question. I play them off against one another, seem to always end up at Listers Kings Lynn, they are not local but are miles cheaper than any other dealership I have delt with, Cooper Norwich are a real rip-off.
I think we've been here before on another thread where Banksy mentioned this before. Good luck to him if he got a good part ex and 12.5% off, but no idea if he did. Thats exactly what I got off my E90 when I bought it last year (and a good part ex).....but......thats for an outgoing model so deals were there to be had. I cant get a similar deal to that at the moment and all dealerships are telling me to hang on for now - if I want that kind of deal. I guess when the LCI F3X is due out there will be again deals to be had......

I also bought my car from a dealership that not not local, best way to do it if you want to save some cash.