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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
C'mon, what possible good does any international agreement brokered by the UN do? It doesn't help us, it won't mandate change in the second and third world, there's no real sustaining money attached, nothing comes of it. There is no rational reason to tie ourselves to the UN. If you think our presence in and endorsement of an agreement makes any difference I believe you may want to think again. We only get our options limited by dalliance with the UN.
You do have a valid point. With that said though, it is a slap in the face to disabled individuals like myself when Republicans in the Senate vote against it. It makes it look as if they don't care about individuals with disabilities. Especially when folks like Senator Lee use such a stupid argument to vote against it. It's a perception issue, really.

Again, it will probably not change a thing, but it sure makes the Repubs in the Senate look like idiots. It also plays right into the hands of those on the left who already say they are a bunch of unsympathetic elitists. Way to go Repubs, you just helped the left prove their point.

They are free to vote against it, but they could have done themselves a huge favor by solidifying around a more logical and palatable reason for voting nay. Instead, dribble like what came from Senator Lee makes perfect ammunition for the opposition to use against them by way of media sound bites.
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