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Originally Posted by kitster View Post
We've defo have shared the same experience My parents brought 530d and they only offered 2% discount .... do they want to sell a car or not?? Ended up buying from Elms Cambridge.
A friend was the "top salesman" their and he could not would not match other dealerships offers to boot the sales guys just do not like people who dress casual, they really think they are special
F**K me you would think they could afford the cars they sell
I took my M6 in their ( Not by choice ) because BMW UK insisted on it being the closest dealership. The 6 had the Oil filler cap come loose!!! and Oil was all over the engine, anyway took it in, got the call two days later saying all was well, went to collect and found oil all under the car and on the rear curb side wing, went F_____G Mad, told to wait another hour.
Got my car drove 20 miles and the Oil warning light comes up "Stop engine immediately" Oil fault
Phone them, they say drive it in I say if the engine goes you will be getting the M6 at retail, took another 3 hours to fill the engine with the right amount of Oil.
Never again thanks.
Live for now, life is too short.
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