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See People dont mind paying a profit for service. If they feel like they are getting less service for the dollars they back away. Granted alot of the frustration comes from past experiences. When you combine a bad experience with the gathering of negative information that "how to buy" websites about sales people and the car industry in general it causes alot of confusion. You want good deals on Bimmer? Find your guy, not just the price. Most of the "how to buy" websites give you all this price information, but fail to tell you how to price against value. Everytime you buy something you do it because the value exceeds the price. It takes a qualified CA to explain the value in the features that your interested in so that you can make an intellegent decision. Lastly most of the people claiming that they are master car dealer/salesman slayer's when it comes to negotiation are liars. The next time someone says they paid some ridiculous number for a Bimmer simply ask them to show you thier purchase order. Every dealer pays the same invoice, the choice for you is based on experience at the dealer, the reputation, of the dealer, the value of the car your buying and the dealers ability to continually give you a reason to patronize the Center.

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