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Originally Posted by MelvinMrBMWBey View Post
The thing that most sales people do understand is that the customer will pay more if you simply have the right information, and are truthfull about what you can do. They pay more because its worth it to not go though all these headaches. Granted Client Advisors can, become frustrated with customers who are under the assumption that the dealer should lose money to sell them a car, and discount items that are in high demand with low supply. I dont always have the lowest price but I deliver on what I tell the cusotmer, that all you can do, and honestly thats all a customer really wants. A good deal has much less to do with price then it has to do with the process and the state of mind that the customer is in when they take delivery. Remember people dont need Bimmers they want them and they get them because they can, its that simple.
Hey Melvin! You helped me out with a 7 series a couple months ago. I was the one with the matte grey M3. You were great and knew a ton about the car! Thanks