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Originally Posted by jaycool View Post
So here's the resolution to the lost tweeter.... My dealership graciously retro-fitted the speaker. This required a new speaker harness and wires from the mid-range in the door. Sound is much better with clarity and balance. 1 week to fix. Wrong door was the issue. Also fixed squealing brakes with new rotors which was a plus with only 500 miles on car. In the end, I fell back in love with my 335 msport. :-)
Wrong door? What do they mean by "wrong door"?
Did the A pillar not even have the proper cover for where the tweeter should be?
If they retrofitted tweeters, then there has to be a place for it on the A pillar as well as covers.

WOW, this is a big glaring F-up. How did you car even pass inspection at the factory, and then your dealer prep people didn't even bother to notice.
You should ask your dealer if he expects all 10's on the survey.