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Originally Posted by Dgrohl View Post
wow...this thread is causing some debate huh?

My final word on this after having the car back for a week and driving it around...

The sound is not bad. But, it really does suck donkey balls in comparison to the last generation stereos installed in BMW's.

Yes, some ppl will be happy with the stock system. Some ppl will say it's not that bad.

I'm a former professional maybe I'm super picky. But when you crank the volume knob...the bass shouldn't be flabby. A change in one shouldn't have to alter your tone settings drastically.

Point is...I'm still disappointed. BMW SUPER pissed me off on this one. It's a small thing to most...but to me, it's HUGE. Is it big enough for me to never buy a BMW again? Probably not. hahahaha

FTR - I wasn't looking for audiophile're never gonna get that in a car. Not without spending serious $$. But again, this sound system is worse than the last generation.

BMW, BMW CANADA - If you're listening...reading...taking notes...SOUND SHOULD NOT BE THIS BAD IN AN OVER $50,000 CAR.

Have a nice day.
I'm with you Dgrohl. I'm one of those who notices and cares about this. And there is a difference.What pisses me off is that in US you can get HK upgrade as standalone option in US. Here you have to get Prem and Exec package to get it.