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Originally Posted by MelvinMrBMWBey View Post
So the seat bottom developed surface rust, big deal you get it repaired just like anything else. As long as human beings are developing machines thier will be an issue here and there. No reason to make a fool of yourself destroying your car, or going down to you dealer and raising hell. I think that people are forgeting that cars are made to drive, and by drive that means they are made to use. You dont by a car to simply look at it, and a car does not validate you as a person. It gets scratched, they get dented, they break it's just reality. You buy a car to drive it not question every nut and bolt looking for a problem. Sometimes what you think shouldn't happen just happens you deal with and move on with life.
they aren't doing anything about it. Not repairing it. Not sanding it. Not painting it.

Rust is a CHEMICAL reaction. After time, it corrodes. Perforates. And by then the warranty will long be over. That's why we are all freaking out. I'm not buying a new seat rail at 90k when I identified the problem at 4k. Not to mention resale issues.
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