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Originally Posted by Hayir View Post
It is been couple months and I am at 3000 miles. I am really enjoying the car but when the initial WOW starts to disappear, I realized some minor missing things or invconveniences which are not expected in a $50k+ car IMO.

1. Idrive does not have a home screen. Glad I have the split secreen option but still it is not very convenient. The information on the left always looks like a menu. For example if you display On board computer, it has a reset button, or if you display entertainment details it has a back, forward, search etc buttons. It is not a clean way of displayin information. i would prefer a customizable or fixed home screen where it displays clock, on board computer and entertainment details. This is what a regular car with a dot matrix screen do but with I drive BMW can`t do.

2. Sport mode does not shift to 8th gear. I don`t see any logic here. i want a firm suspension, better steering and gas responses. In return while cruising at 80mph on CC, I spend extra dollars for gas. I put in manual mode and shift to 8 to overcome this but it is not the best solution.

3. Screen doesn`t have a night mode or I couldn`t find. Album cover pictures are very bright and disturb at night drivings.

4. Doors lock when you start driving, they should all unlock when drivers door opened. I got out go the rear door to tkae the kid out, ooops it is locked. I return the front door go in the car press the button, or touch to handle or take out the key.

5. Need to enable auto high beam everytime and it displays a green icon on dash. If I knew this I wouldn`t pay for it. It should be on/off unless you change again and it is for dark roads why would I need to see that green icon on a dark road. My 05 jeep has the same feature and impletemented in a much better way 7 years ago.

6. There is no good way to put my legs. Left one hits to handle if I keep my leg closer. If I put it on the foot rest it hits to door pocket. Right leg when I use CC, no place to put it. It hits to center console in anyway.

7. No next button on the steering wheel. To switch between radios or songs instead of pressing next. You need to roll and then click. 2 movements instead of one. Probably next button is the most used button on any car radio. Why would you make it two steps.

8. The instrument cluster are not lighted in day time. Wth the oyster ones, sometimes I need to turn the headlights manually to be able to see the gauges. Almost all the cars have lighted instrument clusters day/night. It should be lighted in white during the day.

Sorry for the long post but I wasn`t expecting this kind of things on BMW. All of the concern are adressed in the cars which costs much less.

Don`t get me wrong I still like to drive her and driving dynamics are amazing.
Nothing really wrong then, just a few personal likes and dislikes.