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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
Mine has been polish protected and is jet washed and "SNOW FOAMED" at least twice per week no problems at all.
What about underneath, how do you prevent it sitting in the damp and corroding?

Problem up here like today, it is just above freezing and everything is hanging in moisture, it can be like it for days, nothing stops the brake discs just eating themselves away. Just overnight they will go brown and the rust sets in, in no time.

Just like above within a few months from new, and that included the summer.

This corrosion happened with hosing out underneath, quite depressing to see how quickly it occurs. That was at about five years.

Even the 535i looked pretty much like new around the suspension when I got it a couple of months ago, but was already degrading, when I put the winter wheels on a couple of weeks ago. Dread to see what it will be like next spring.