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Originally Posted by azzurro View Post
How much are they charging you? I found a mobile guy in OC that's coming to SD to do it for $450. Same thing, he says it takes 5-6 hours.
Just finished opticoating. Josh did an excellent job. He is located in San Diego, Flawless Finish.
First he washed the car, then clayed with Meguiars fine clay, Meguiars M205 polishing with Meguiars fine polishing pads using the Cyclo polisher.
He also removed a couple fine scratches, and polished out the wash swirl marks. (Thanks dealer)
After that he prepped with alcohol wipe then applied the Opticoat to the entire vehicle.

Car is smoother than glass, and super reflective. Absolutely Gorgeous!
Josh ended up spending 7 hours on the entire process.

Pricing does vary depending on how much work you want done.
If you want it wet sanded to remove factory defects, or the car is other than brand new it will take longer and cost more.
Here is a photo of the finished

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