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Originally Posted by Ron Scott View Post
I just ran 360 with Safari on a 27" iMac and the chrome trim certainly appears to be there. It is somewhat subtle but there is no break between the obvious chrome piece on the downshift and the trim surround. And it's clearly NOT just more vinyl from the steering wheel center. I'm standing by my post above.

My M Sport should be in the garage this week and I'll post then. Build was complete November 6.
It's very odd that you can't see it on your Mac.
Poster eljefe87 also sees what I'm seeing.

Can't grab the 360 photo file, so I took a picture of the 360 view.
The same image shows in Firefox and chrome and IE.

The first photo shows the wheel as it is, that's what my wheel looks like.

Second pic is the side view. Oddly you can clearly see the trim piece on the right side.
But, you can't see it on the left side, clearly it's not there.

Now look at the 3rd pic. Clearly the trim piece is not there on both sides.
But, if you look close you see a remnant of the trim piece on the inner part of the left side.

Maybe someone at BMW is just playing around.
Since it's inconsistent, and looks like someone is playing around, I'm sure the wheel is the same.
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