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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
It just feels so wrong and depresses me to see the corrosion within weeks of having a new car. Hence why the last two new cars were bought for spring delivery, at least you get about a year before it all looks sad.

I had one new VW car in December and within weeks the brakes were growling, and by 12k miles (about 8-months) it needed new brake discs all round, as they were so corroded and brakes were erratic in performance.

Even with the F11, I know I'll be giving the discs and suspension parts attention in the spring and cleaning them up.

It isn't just BMW, but the soft iron disc material on the BMWs certainly pits very quickly, just a couple of days of wet and they start to tarnish and pit, even with use.

Yes, the E91 suspension parts went down hill very quickly, even waxoyl didn't seen to slow it very much. Probably would need doing every autumn.

Pete we all do not live in Scotland were frankly weather is bad "year round" with rain ETC, I would do as you do if my area was say North Wales or scotland, BUT I have never had any problems with rust on any of my BMW's. ever.
I still have to drive them in crap as I travel nationwide visiting places, but the Snow Foam and jet washing is the answer IMO.
If I lived up a dirt track or on a farm I would have a 4*4 and not worry to much about cleaning it.