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I called the dealer on Thursday morning... They apparently hadnt heard of the problem yet... They wanted me to bring it in asap so they could take a look at it. So, I took it in Friday morning and the service guy took a look at it and was like 'well the seat is working fine isnt it?' ..and I said 'yea, for now, my car is two weeks old...' he basically said to me 'so, whats the problem then?' and I was like 'THERES RUST IN MY CAR! THATS THE PROBLEM!' ...idiot... Anyway, he went to get the head shop guy and that guy was super nice about it.. took pics and said he would call BMW and see what they need to do about it.. (I also found rust on my hinges btw)

He called me back later that day and said that they were going to be replacing the seat frames on both seats... and that they would call me when the parts come in mid next week... Im happy that they are stepping up and taking care of it as they should. I did go ahead and write BMW directly to explain the issue and said that I know its been brought to their attention before and that I hope they do the right thing and issue a recall or something to fix the issue.

If they dont then frankly it will be their problem in 3 years when they get all these lease returns back with rusted out seat bottoms...

I will post again with pics once the issue is fully resolved. I also told BMW that this whole situation has put a bad taste in my mouth about the quality of their product these days. This is my first BMW and if they step up and fix this, then my faith will be restored.. but it makes my opinion of them a little shaky as for now... I told them I may have to go back to Audi if this is what I can expect from them..

I still love my car , and once the rust is gone I will be happy! I hope everyone else checks their seats and gets it fixed.

I actually wrote BMW first. They actually replied and asked me for my VIN number and number of miles on the car, so hopefully I hear more from them next week.

I don't want some random fix a dealer comes up with , like cleaning rust off and spray painting my seat frames or something so I'm waiting until BMW has a real fix. Good to see that some dealers are replacing the seats though I'm hoping the replacement parts do not have the same defect.

That said it seems like BMW isn't just glossing over this. My last car (an Audi, and the last VW product I'll ever buy) had some issues that the dealers would tell basically everyone who had the issues (lots of owners had the same issue, which turned out to be defective piston rings causing oil burning) were normal and I'm hoping BMW doesnt try that garbage here.