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Ill say something about every one of your complaints.
1. the "menu" button takes you to the home screen. Also, if you hit the option key while in music or nav or whatever, you can edit the split screen content to map or entertainment details or whatever you want.
2. it will shift to 8th gear if you are going fast enough or if in auto/no sport mode. As for the suspension and gas responses, you bought the modern line in a 328i. IF you had bought the SPort line, you would have received a better suspension, also, if you had bought the 335, it would have solved your response issues. BMW steering on the new F30s is electronic like the F10 5-series so its very light. If you put your car in sport plus mode, the steering gets heavier. As for gas mileage, put it in eco pro mode.
3. Night mode? You can turn down the brightness of the idrive in settings. IF you have navigation, there is also a "night" mode available for map view.
4.You can change settings to keep the car from locking the doors automatically. Next, for the unlocking, get your car coded. I have mine coded so that when i hold down the start/stop button, it ejects my key for me and unlocks all doors. BMW makes their car best for the driver, ergo, "The Ultimate Driving Machine" Don't expect them to unlock all your doors since its pointless if you're alone.
5. I suppose you are talking about the auto high beam feature. Im not exactly familiar with this feature but it seems that this, again is something you can change in the settings.
6. Move your chair back and give yourself some space.
7. I know for a fact that there is an up/down button of your steering wheel. Try that.
8. Turn your headlights to auto, once you get into a dark area, your lights and instrument cluster will light up. Why do you need to have it on in the day time? I can see just fine in the day time.
Is this your first BMW? This is much more different and complex than a jeep. Take some time to learn about your car, read a the manual, spend some time reading various topics on the forums here. Most importantly, enjoy your car! We here on the forums are here to help you with anything you need. Trust me, there is a reason why the 3-series has been one of Car and Driver's favorite cars for nearly 30 years.
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