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Originally Posted by Hayir View Post

2. Sport mode does not shift to 8th gear. I don`t see any logic here. i want a firm suspension, better steering and gas responses. In return while cruising at 80mph on CC, I spend extra dollars for gas. I put in manual mode and shift to 8 to overcome this but it is not the best solution.

4. Doors lock when you start driving, they should all unlock when drivers door opened. I got out go the rear door to tkae the kid out, ooops it is locked. I return the front door go in the car press the button, or touch to handle or take out the key.

6. There is no good way to put my legs. Left one hits to handle if I keep my leg closer. If I put it on the foot rest it hits to door pocket. Right leg when I use CC, no place to put it. It hits to center console in anyway.

7. No next button on the steering wheel. To switch between radios or songs instead of pressing next. You need to roll and then click. 2 movements instead of one. Probably next button is the most used button on any car radio. Why would you make it two steps.

Don`t get me wrong I still like to drive her and driving dynamics are amazing.
#2- I agree with you. Sport drivers mode also puts the trans "D" selection into sport mode. It will shift to 7th once you get past 60mph and steady cruise. To get to 8th you have to get to 100mph. Not very useful or practical for US roads.
There is already a trans "sport" mode, you move the lever to the left and it's now in "S/D", which holds gears for better accel, and prefers to use the 6 drive gears, until the car gets to a higher cruising speed.

Some say that when in sport drivers mode the trans should act this way because you are in "sport" mode. Yes, but that can easily be achieved by moving the gear lever to the left, and now you're also in sport trans mode.
By having both trans D and D/S do virtually the same thing when driver mode is in sport, it's redundant.

If you get the DH pkg you also get a bit extra control over thos settings, but not all. I set my sport mode to give me the firmer steering, sport suspension, comfort throttle, and comfort trans. If I want more aggressive trans I move the lever to the D/S sport mode.
The only thing lacking with this selection is that the more responsive throttle can't be selected.

#4- YES, all the doors should be unlocked when the car is shut off. There are a couple of choices for door locks, but they are for what the locks should do when you unlock the car, and when you start driving. BMW forgot to add an "all unlock" when the car shut off and everyone needs to get out. As you said, you have to remember to push the unlock button if you need to let people out or to access something in the rear.
Clearly and oversight. And, it's not programmable via iDrive.
If someone knows it's in there, please post.

#6- I had this same problem with the non sport seats. The sport seats seem to "hold" my legs better and I don't hit the handle or cup holder nearly as much. The thigh support extensions seem to help with this.
It took a while to set my sport seats to my liking but I finally have them set and leg driving position is much better.
Try raising you seat higher. In non sport seat F30 I find that raising the seat a few inches helps with leg room. You have to try different combinations of height along with fore and aft adjustments, and you should be able to find a position you like.

The trans issue and the locks are my biggest gripe. But, I've gotten over it. Just because BMW decided to do things a certain way doesn't then mean it's the best way.

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