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Originally Posted by ptt127 View Post
You mentioned that you like sport mode for the stiffer suspension. Does that mean that you have the Dynamic Handling package? If so, you can configure sport mode to affect chassis only (what you want), drivetrain only, or both. When you select Sport mode, "Configure Sport Mode" would be an option if you had DH. If not, then you don't have DH, but that also means that Sport mode only affects steering, transmission, and throttle response, not suspension.

This is one of the main reasons we got DHP. Although to be honest, steering effort is more or less indistinguishable at freeway speeds, as opposed to lower speeds where I can feel some difference. They are all too light though.
I'm not sure but I don't think the OP has the DH pkg.

I agree with you that steering effort is still too light, especially at lower speeds.
I like the adaptive dampers in the DH pkg. When I ordered my Msport back in May/June I wasn't aware about the extra settings that work with drivers mode.
I think it would have been better to simply offer a separate iDrive control for the adaptive suspension, either "firm/sport" or "normal/comfort", that way you can use it anyway you like with any driver mode.
Audi's drive select system allows customization in their "individual" mode.
That is what is missing on our cars