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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
It's your assumption that I said it would cost $0.
That is not what I wrote.

The cost to implement a driver selectable system is much less than having to buy an M.
I highly doubt that adding a driver selectable system will take away from M sales.
You have a flare for hyperbole.
You appear to be missing my (and BMW's) point. Sure, they can do all those things, but you need to step up to the right car. You can't pick and choose which M-features get to trickle down to the series-cars, only BMW can

It's just like when everyone on E90Post cried about the lack of OEM true LSD option. Sure, it's probably only $500 in parts to add one. But BMW saves that kind of tech/performance for true ///M cars. Nothing wrong with wanting very advanced drive/suspension mode settings, or an LSD. Just get the right car.
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