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Originally Posted by Lakers0824
Hey guys,I've already been through the manual, but how do u turn off the headlights when engine is off? I turned the knob to the middle with the"0" and it does turn off the lights but after a while the idrive turns off as well. Is there any way to have all lights off and just still listen to the radio? Thanks for the help
No problem. Leave your car running. Then hit the voice control button and say "lighting."
Then, uncheck "daytime running lamps."
This will turn off your lights front and rear while engine remains on.
If it is cloudy or dark then you will need to move the headlamp switch to off too.
Don't forget to turn the DRLs back on since they save lives.

If you don't want the engine on and you want to bleed the battery dry without 8 minute cutoff, after you shut engine, turn on the ignition. Press start twice without putting foot on brake.