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Originally Posted by CKau View Post
Maybe the rust happened during transit, so QC wont catch that situation.
That's true, it's possible that the rust set in during the 6 weeks or so the car spent at sea or on the docks (plus a few more weeks before delivery).

Apparently BMW have owned up that the base was not rust proofed during manufacture, but will be From Nov 12 builds onwards
But by admitting that the base was not rust proofed is another quality control failure (and from that we can also assume the seat bases were previously rust proofed, eg. for E9x models and other series).

If the lack of rust proofing was the fault of the seat supplier, then BMW QC should have picked up on such a major change in component specifications (inadvertent or otherwise). Alternatively, if the lack of rust proofing was the result of a deliberate change in BMW design specifications, then such a change should only have been approved after rigorous testing by BMW (comfort, stress, durability, etc). Either way, it's a major failure by BMW.

Quality control is not limited to operation and visual aesthetics. It's also about comfort, build, ambience, performance, durability, etc.