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Originally Posted by Hayir View Post
Thank you for the answers. I think I was not very clear on some of my points.

1. Menu button takes me to the menu screen. I was trying to mean there should be a home screen with the most used information displayed or it can be customized. It can be something displaying entertainment details, range, consumption, time. You always need to be in menus unless you switch to navi.
2. I got the DHP so I believe I have a better suspension then the sportline and variable sport steering. I explain my logic here a few post ago. Auto 8 has the same ratio as the manual 6. The typical manual driver will put in the 6 while cruising at a steady speed on highway so the auto needs to switch to 8 when you are not pushing the gas pedal hard or using cc.
3. Yes there is night/day for the map but not for screen. Of course I can dim the screen using brightness setting. What I am saying why it can`t dim automatically like the HUD does or like the small screen in cluster that changes color. Almost all the cars dim their screens (dot matrix or lcd) when you turn on the headlights.
4. If it locks all the doors, it should unlock all the door according to my logic. Or even better it should unlock the ones it locked
7. There is roller. It goes up and down but then you have to click to select.
8. i think this is because of the oyster color gauges. I use my headlights at auto all the time. The gauges are oyster and numbers are white. There is not a high contrast like the black and white in other lines.

This is my second BMW. I had an Z4(E85) before. It is not fair to compare a 2005 Jeep to a 2013 BMW but believe me it is not as simple as you think. It has power adjustable pedals which I have never seen before in any car. It has an auto high beam which is nice for 2005. More capable 4x4 system not surprisingly.

The surprising thing is that some of things I am mentioning are present on a $20.000 car.
1. I have programmable button 1 on my radio set to go to the trip meter screen. It has most of what you're looking for - range, consumption and time. It doesn't show entertainment details though. That's my "home" screen - it's what's displaying 90% of the time while driving.

2. Agreed. Sometimes I want the Sport mode steering and throttle response even when just cruising the Interstate, and it'd be nice for the auto to drop into 8th gear. The transmission downshifts plenty fast enough in Comfort mode if I dip into the throttle.

3. My screen goes darker at night. Not sure why yours doesn't.

4. I actually prefer it that the car never unlocks a door automatically. I only want it to unlock when I specifically tell it to. (Along those lines, I also dislike that it will sometimes automatically put itself in Park.)

6. Must be my body proportions, but I don't have any issues with my leg positions at all. Unfortunately, I instead have a problem with the steering wheel blocking the top of the gauges.

7. Strongly agree. The most used button in my car (if you don't consider the turn signal a button!) is the one furthest away. The "next" button. I primarily listen to my entire music library in random mode - the roller doesn't respect that setting, it just goes to the next alphabetically sorted track.

8. Somewhat agree. Even on my Sport Line, it would be nice for a little bit extra of white illumination of the gauges during the daytime.