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Originally Posted by Lakers0824 View Post
Eh...that does suck. Oh well I'll just press that radio button every 8 then, as long as the lights don't stay on.
No no no. What the others are telling you is wrong. The 8 minutes before auto-off is for the *ignition* - i.e. when you press the engine start button to turn everything on, it will turn it all back off again after a few minutes if you haven't actually started the engine.

I'm talking about turning just the radio back on by pressing the volume knob on the radio - don't touch anything else. It stays on for much longer than 8 minutes. It also doesn't turn on anything else such as the lights/DRLs. If it's like my old E46 there is a timeout of something like one hour after which it turns off, but to my mind that's sensible in case you accidentally leave it on.

I know this to be true because I've just been out to the car and tried it, and the radio was still on well after 30 minutes. Give it a try.