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Originally Posted by ptt127 View Post
If you set the Sport mode config to Chassis only, you can always pop the shift lever into sport if you want the sport shift program, or go to Sport+ if you want the full bonkers throttle response too, although that disables DSC. Either of those are easy to get out of when it's time to cruise on the Interstate. Look we'd all like everything to be fully configurable but it's not likely to happen so we just have to find whatever is close enough.
Those are good ideas. I will try to put chassis only than put trans in D/S in city and see how responsive it is and then put in D on highway.

Just to make it clear, actually I am happy with the sport mode as it is. I don`t need really a customization. I only wish it shifts to 8 earlier at steady speeds (I didn`t know it was shifting at 100mph, i thought it was not using that gear at all.). Thats the only thing. And looking at gear ratios shows it won`t be a bad deicison. For example in city at a steady speed, sport mode keeps the rpm between 2000-2500 but on highway it jumps to 3000 rpm when you are cruising at 80mph. I thought that 8 would be the choice of most people who are cruising at 80mph. I don`t think anyone will cruise (steady speed not accerelarating) at 80 mph at 3000 rpm when there is one more gear to go (unless he makes money with the gallons he consume) with a manual trans. This is how I look at it.
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