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Originally Posted by Hayir View Post
Why do you say 7and 8 are overdrives. A few posts ago I wrote it. Look at the ratios of the Manual 6 and Auto 8.

Is the 5 and 6 are overdrive for the manual Then it nees to reach the top speed at 4. i don`t think it is the case.

It has 8 gears to keep the consumption low in city driving mostly. Looking at gear ratios shows this.

I also like the logic of the trans in sport mode except it shifts to 8 very late IMO. I learnt that it shifts to 8 at 100mph from the posts. May be that logic fits to the German autobahns. Than I can`t question it.
I was addressing this post you made:
"2. When I look at the ratios of manual 6 and auto 8.
The extra 2 is not 7 and 8 really. They are in between 1 and 6. "

The MT has 6 speed/forward ratios. It's 6th gear is an "over drive" gear.
The AT has 8 speed/forward ratios. 7th and 8th in the AT are "over drive" gears.

The gears are not between the different transmissions because they are different gear ratios.
Also, the final drives are not the same.

The only comparison that can be made is the 6th gear is over drive for the MT, and the AT has 2 over drive gears 7th and 8th.

What does this mean?
The extra 2 is not 7 and 8 really. They are in between 1 and 6.

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