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Originally Posted by bbarclay410 View Post
There is no way that it is as stiff, or there would be no reason to upgrade to sport suspension. Its lower and tighter. Modern and Luxury lines are clearly not the same and even with DHP, its not the same. Could be a placebo effect, but most likely not.
Not sure where you're getting this from.
M adaptive is an option even on top of the sport suspension.

The adaptive suspension uses at least the same spring rates as the sport suspension. The added feature with M adaptive is that the dampers are able to respond to a wider range of road conditions.

With M adaptive in "sport" mode the suspension is as firm as the stock sport suspension, but the adaptive dampers are better.
In "comfort" mode, the ride is as smooth as the non sport suspension, but it's even better controlled due to the adaptive dampers, plus you still have the shorter and firmer springs that Lux and Modern don't get.

The sport suspension comes standard with my Msport. I had to pay extra/upgrade to get the M adaptive.