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Originally Posted by ptt127 View Post
If you set the Sport mode config to Chassis only, you can always pop the shift lever into sport if you want the sport shift program, or go to Sport+ if you want the full bonkers throttle response too, although that disables DSC. Either of those are easy to get out of when it's time to cruise on the Interstate. Look we'd all like everything to be fully configurable but it's not likely to happen so we just have to find whatever is close enough.
This is my typical setup.
Sport is set to "chassis" only, which gives firmer steering, sport suspension setting with comfort throttle and comfort trans.
I'd like to add the more responsive throttle to this setup, but alas, no go.

Sport+ is a fun weekend driving mode.
BTW, sport+ doesn't disable DSC. It turns on DTC, but DSC is still working in the background just at a lower nanny level.

To get more configuration settings we have to speak up.
If we don't ask for them, then that a sure way to not get them.
Audi offers it's customers with their "drive select" and "individual" setup where the driver can pick and choose what settings he wants.
That's all I'm asking for.