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Excellent knowledge as always RPM, can always rely on you to clear up misinformation in a thread

There's a lot of confusion about the adaptive m sport suspension, probably because the dealers don't really know fully what it is, and there aren't many demonstrators about to actually try it in! The way I thought of it was it was "better" at both ends: better in comfort than standard (non sport) suspension, and better in sport than sport (or M Sport, both being the same) suspension. 'Better' in each case meaning a smoother, more compliant ride in comfort, and much sharper handling in sport, and both settings coupled with more body control and poise (and not at the expense of ride comfort). And additionally, as they are 'adaptive' - meaning they're constantly adapting to the road conditions, rather than just being able to change between two settings - in both settings they're much more intelligent, and will get the best out of every road surface, in both settings.

I missed it off my options list at first, but then added it later after reading up. After the good comments everyone gives on the adaptive suspension, I'm very glad I chose to add it. I'm hoping to pick up my car next week, and can't wait to try it...
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