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Originally Posted by awhk View Post
Thanks for the confirmation. I am actually strongly considering to retrofit Nav as I want split screen, office and bigger screen display for reverse camera (scaled down to really small display on the standard screen) and surround view. I have checked bimmer-tech and the cost is like $28k with Map, Voice Control and GPS antenna but I am worried about installation and warranty as it is not a local company. Also check with another vendor locally quoting $32k with installation and 1 year warranty, but he quoted office is $5k on top of $32k, that is ridiculous given it should be standard with Nav if the car comes with combox.

Anyway, any reliable local vendors to recommend?
AFAIK the display for surroundview & rear cam won't increase in size even if u fit the large screen, that's according to someone with a F10.
Do u really need nav function in HK? If not then I think Patrys/Bimmertech will do it at a much lower price (cos map activation is expensive), & in that case u can probably diy the fitting cos u don't need to connect gps aerial.
I don't think anyone offering these retrofits are using brandnew parts, so I think it comes down to luck whether u'll need the warranty on those parts.
Not sure why the local seller have to charge u extra for office activation, maybe he got his parts from markets where it's not legal to use office function in the car. Care to pm me the details of ur local installer? It would be great if Patrys/Bimmertech have dealer in HK (they already have dealer in Thailand & Singapore).