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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post
I donīt really get this with the "all-season" tyres, thereīs no such thing:

Tyres that are supposed to be optimized to winter conditions have softer rubber, running them during warmer temps gives you worse traction because they get too soft.

For warmer weather u need a harder rubber mix in and running THAT tyre in the winter is like driving with plastic wheels on.

A tyre thatīs supposed to be good during both conditions would work ok in a very narrow temperature span; but in the extremes it would just suck.

The "all-season" tyres are erally NOT supposed to be used all-season, theyīre winter tyres without studs and they just SUCK in warmer weather. Using them all year round also kills the rubber mix making them even more useless for both winter AND summer. Itīs simply a sales trick, "Hey, take this tyre that u can use all year round itīs sooooooooo convenient and you donīt have to throw more money on a second pair of wheels "

Guys, for your own safety, driving pleasure etc get yourself a proper SUMMER setup and leave the "all-seasons" for the winter. Seriously, think about it.

(just needed to vent a lil cause I just had this discussion with a guy)
It depends what the seasons are like where you are. I'm sure that in Sweden using anything but real snow tires in the winter is brutally stupid. In places where snow is infrequent and light you have more margin of error in tire selection. Specialized tires are clearly the best for whatever season they're made for of course.