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that's the thing. it never dawned on my because a few days after i got the car, i sent it back to them to have the ASS disabled and they kept it for a week waiting for approval or something. maybe i will ask them as i need to have them work on something else. yes, the mirrors work. i just have to manually bring it down so i can see the curb. i'll still see you guys next time. i also realized i can probably have tpms pressure enabled. i dont know if we can bring the windows up and down using the remote on my particular car. sucks that a honda accord does that coming straight from the factory.
I think you should try what frogman said if you haven't done it yet.
It's the switch that switches between driver and passenger side mirrors. you have the move the switch to the passenger side for it to work. I had a Honda before too and the switch always needs to stay on the passenger side in order to have the mirrors go down when in reverse
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