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well yet another update. so they decided to just keep my car to program the computer (i think it was the wiper thing and something else, the SA didnt seem to know or didnt care). They said they wont replace my seats because it seems minor and BMW doesnt have a bulletin or something they can't replace it under warranty and said if BMW has a bulletin to do it they will (i'm assuming they are worried BMW won't pay for it). So I guess everyone who has an f30 you should complain to your dealers / write BMW customer care etc. I'm going to call customer care and tell them my situation and i advise you all to do the same.

Anyway they give me a loaner. a nice loaner by the way. a 2000 miles 2013 sport line, sport auto, pdc, premium, tech. It has even worse rust than my car! So silver lining for me I get an extended drive in a car since mine isnt broken in. This is santa monica BMW is a pretty small dealership. This greatly beats the 2 times santa monica audi gave me loaners in the last year (a yaris and a corolla, i was big pimpin')

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