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Originally Posted by SPACEMANRICK
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I'd still buy a set of winter tires. They are magic compared to all-season tires in the snow & ice. I live in Minnesota as well and I will never go back to all-seasons in the winter, regardless of what car I drive (RWD, FWD or AWD).
I agree that in some parts of the US and Canada, winter tires are a must even with Xdrive! Here in Vancouver, we get on average maybe 2 days of snow on the road every year and the average winter daytime temperature is about 6 or 7 degrees celcius so all seasons with Xdrive is more than enough. If anything, with all the rain we get here in Vancouver you need a good rain tire here more than winter tires.......
I live in Seattle and I think the xdrive does well in snow but miserable on iced over roads. I had a 2006 325xi and it was pretty dicey at times.......and I learned to drive on ice in a Canada. I would recommend snow tires if you are going to be running into constant ice through winter.