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Originally Posted by S-Dot View Post
A couple disparate points:

1) I live at the end of nearly four miles of dirt/mud/slush/snow/ice out in the country, making RWD less practical for me.

2) An AWD vehicle is quite capable of pushing to the tire's limits. However, that was never my point. My point was to further enhance the performance of the vehicle I have, and summer tires will aid that cause. Higher performance tires increase braking potential, cornering potential, and acceleration potential (enlarging the traction circle), regardless of the particular drivetrain.

I would have preferred that my vehicle came with summer tires, but it's much easier to change the tires than the drivetrain. Actually, I would have preferred my vehicle come with WINTER tires on the stocker 18" wheels, and I would get my own 18's or 19's in the size and configuration I want, shod with good performance tires.
1) Sounds like you need a truck more than you need a BMW

2) And snow tires will enhance performance in the snow. If you are going to swap out tires anyways, just go with summer and winter instead of summer and all season.

3) I dont think you can buy a BMW with winter tires but you can buy one with summer tires.