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Originally Posted by omer View Post
You guys make it such a big deal, install the JB and when you take it for service shut it off or leave it on. I have a 2009 335i face lift for almost 3 years and I have the dual cone intake jb3 then went to JB4 also have straight pipe, hid fog lights paint my top of the car black plus other shit. And I bring my car to any dealer for service no one has said shit to me. I'm getting my 2013 335 I M next week after this bitch Sandy came thru and everything is in hold.
Every dealership is different. I got crap from my dealer as a result of my Dinan tune (which is all I had on the car) 4 or so years ago when I had a few things go bad...granted they didn't void my warranty in part because I didn't have any catastrophic failures, but they had on file that I had a had something might have gotten dicey.