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Originally Posted by chlemaire View Post
I have now had the new M-Performance brakes serviced twice at 2 different service locations of the very reputable BMW dealer in my area. The dealer is top notch, and I have been a satisfied customer there since 1996.
Well, the brake pedal still feels frustratingly spongy and unresponsive on these so-called 'Performance' brakes. The dealer said they have re-bled the entire system and performed all the required mechanical and electronic work. They said the somewhat delayed/soft pedal feel may be due to the fact that the pistons are larger and require more brake fluid displacement than the stock brakes.
As much as I love the looks of these M-Performance brakes, needless to say that I am hugely disappointed in what I perceive to be almost a degradation in braking responsiveness and performance. This may be a matter of personal preference and judgement is somewhat subjective. Most people would probably find nothing wrong with my new brakes. But I drive a BMW, "The Ultimate Driving Machine" because I enjoy and expect a responsive, dynamic experience at all levels. I expect feedback from the car on everything to be direct, precise, and tight. It has been my experience with my 2 previous BMW cars (1997 528i, 2006 330i), both purchased new. I love everything about my new 335i M-Sport Line, but I can't believe that these newly installed M-Performance brakes can't deliver a better pedal feel!
I would love to hear about the experience of other members who have done the same upgrade.
that's unacceptable...
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