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Very happy chappy here....picked it up this afternoon

As some of you know I have been in a 318D Sport for the last week and a half, so similar might think? Yes ok the seating position and general view is the same, but that is where it stops. The thing you notice straight off.....Servotronic steering......Wow, like night and day, the 318D had a really wooden steering feel compared to the servotronic,k which is alive and feels as good as a hydraulic system. If buying a car that doesdn't come with SS, definitely consider it.
Second thing I noticed was the bite in the brakes, OK I'm talking M sport braking here, definitely has plenty more feel. Not that the 318D brakes were bad, in fact they were very progressive and smooth........but the M word.....violent!

Two tech features that are an absolute blast?

The adaptive headlights, you honestly have to see them to believe them. Following a car on a dual carriageway, the lights are on high beam except for a box where the car in front is. He moved over to the next lane, and the dim box moved with the hell does it do that? Really impressive.

Comparison between halogens and zenon? Both are excellent, can't really say xenon are superior other than the fact that adaptive function....worth the money alone, and only come with xenon.

Adaptive cruise control? Wow, I am in love......once again you can use CC. Still to test it on a busy motorway, but seems to work a treat so far. I was surprised at how hard it accelerates when the slower car in front moves over

Some thoughts on the others....

Adaptive suspension? One thing for sure, is that on 'soft' setting it is still not as soft as the Sport suspension, which as we know is the same as the other non M Sport lines in the UK.
I would have to drive the two back to back, but I am thinking the adaptive in 'stiff' mode is marginally stiffer than standard M least from memory.

New pro nav? Absolutely brilliant.....think it will take years to get to know and use all the features. It is so fast, plots navigation courses in the blink of an eye, and the screen resolution is amazing for a nav system.

Haven't done many miles yet.....but sure am looking forward to that A road cross country I have tomorrow.....please roads, be ice free!!!

One thing.....why doesn't my rear view cam work? not coded? or needs somehow turning on?