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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post
Good write-up, glad you finally have the car the adaptive headlights sound awesome, looking forward to trying them in mine. Disappointed to hear about the adaptive suspension though, I was hoping for a plush 5-Series ride when in 'comfort'!

Re the new pro nav, I think I remember the F31 I test drove having new voice directions compared with the old nav, better quality voice and more fluid speech etc.: is that the case?
The adaptive headlights are an amazing feature, I'm not that bothered with the bending round corners bit, but how it shifts the beam around to miss blinding other road users is impressive. One thing it didn't pick up....I was entering a large roundabout just as a police car was directly opposite side on.....the battenburgs lit up like the 4th of July

Adaptive sus.....I imagine the roll bars and springs are still M Sport spec, both of which do affect the ride harshness. Perhaps the 19's also firm it up about after the Sports 18's?

Yes, nav voice is pretty clear, and from memory has more depth than the older nav.

On the stereo, my car's system is definitely better than the 318D's I just handed back. Niether have HK, better amp in Pro Nav system?