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Hey Nisfan, you got yours too. Lol was wondering where you been. Guess we've been too busy driving our cars and there's too many EBII landing at the moment so we're not starting new threads.

My rear view cam pops up when I put it in reverse.

Think I've pretty much figured out the pro nav and media stuff. Thats pretty tough going that, its like the old non touch smart phones, you need to learn all the different menus, how to get to where you want and to do what you want. Taken me a few days to get the hang of it.

Love the HUD. The nav directions, a bit 'meh' at the moment, on some more complicated junctions it's not entirely clear where I'm suppose to go. "Half turn left then right..?" Maybe just need to get use to it.

Have the BMW app, only by accident did I figure out that sending addresses or locations to the car sends it as a sms message. I was thinking it would send it direct to the nav and start guidance straight away.

Active cruise control is good, the stop go haven't fully tested. When I've used it, it does stop but when the car in front goes again there's quite a long pause so I've not waited for it to go as the traffic was quite heavy and I didnt want to get honked.

I have a button for rear end collision warning, which I didnt choose as an option unless its part of the stop go. Didnt know what that was until I youtubed it. When I asked my salesman when we were in the car he thought it was for when cars go into the back of you.

I'm actually getting a bit of motion sickness when I floor it from a stand still, the feeling I get in my stomach and head, I feel worse with the strong new leather smell.

Bit wary of settings getting lost. When I first drove it away from the dealer, i went to look at some tyres. Parked up, when I got back and started the car again, everything seemed to have reset, HUD was showing in kilometres, seat position had reset, media screen had reset. Been ok since though.

All in all, absolutely loving it.

Only just noticed this earlier when let my cousin and bro have a drive, when he put it in reverse, both front fog lights came on. I quite liked that touch.
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