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My thoughts coming from a modified 135i N54.

Not planning any engine mods for my 328i but...

If i was to mod, i would wait until someone like cobb came out with a flash tune. I had both procede and JB previous and none of them compared to the smoothness (and for me power) of the Cobb.

Cobb is also much easier to install and uninstall as it was all via the ODB port.

My thoughts are if you really want piggybacks, then to wait a little as the N20 is still relatively new hence the product development is not as far advanced. I would rather others test it out for a while until i can get enough documented proof of its performance and safety.

just my 2 cents.

Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
Anyone ready or game to buy & install either the new N20 JB Stage 1 from Burger Motorsports or AFE's Scorcher?

I had the BMS Powerbox from Burger in my E90 for 2 years without issue. A great boost for the 325i, so I'm sure the JB would be superb for the 328i.

I have read various posts on the N20 tuning threads and people who have bought & installed it are thrilled.

The good thing about the N20 units is how easy they are to install & uninstall. So you can enjoy additional power & torque - not that the 328i lacks it - with it installed but if you need to service the car at the dealer, easy enough to disconnect & remove.

I'm thinking about it. What are your thoughts???