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Originally Posted by bcoz View Post
I just checked my E90 (3 years old with Sport seats) and there are NO traces of rust under the front seats or on the hinges.
Until E90 chassis, all BMW seat frames had 'rust prevention coating', so all the previous BMW cars will not have any rust forever.

It is F30 (& F20) only, because when the seat supplier (I guess it's Lear) for BMW has changed the metal parts for new F30 chassis last year, they skipped the 'rust prevention coating' process (don't know why, but maybe cost reduction purpose?).

And then, when BMW noticed that there are many rusty seats, I guess that BMW has instructed the seat supplier to apply the 'rust prevention coating' again, since Nov.1, 2012 production.

So, BMW NA may offer to replace all the "un-protected' seats with new "protected" seats, as BMW Korea did.