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Apologies if this has been discussed previously, I'm using my phone to post and for some reason it wont let me search...?

Anyway, what do people think about A-Glaze Interior & paint Protection, is it worth adding to your car?

I can get it added by the dealer at a 20% discount so only 289 quoted by them but not sure if others have got it/reccomend it?

They say;
The advantages of having a vehicle treated with A-Glaze Paint Sealant

The A-Glaze professional application, covered by a five year guarantee on all cars, is only available through car dealerships and reputable valeting companies.

* Protection against acid rain

* Protection against the sun's ultra violet rays

* Protection against colour fading

* Protection against ionisation and fallout

* Helps protect against car wash swirl marks

* Helps protect against bird acid

* Ensures a continuous showroom shine

* Creates a 7 mirror image

* Easy washing and no polishing

* Prolongs the paint life of your vehicle

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