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Originally Posted by derekh929 View Post
Thanks for the review that's great i was hovering over getting full visability pack well box ticked know as only 215 more for adaptive, thanks for spending my money, as for M sport Brakes you say Violent is that in good way or no fun in and about town, with the misses driving, or ending up with a car stuck on your rear end, or just great feel but fast deceleration?, as for Adaptive susspension i currently have a e90 330D M Sport and on poor ne scotland roads it is terrible would you say the adaptive is well worth the money and will i notice a big difference from standard M S port car , thanks Derek
Hi Derek

Full vis pack is a must, I was following a car this evening through a wooded curvy A road, adaptive lights on, the car in front had a wall of light (seen clearly on the dense trees on the side of the road) literally half a car length from it's rear bumper, that followed it around the bend. Whoever devised the method and programmed the logic deserves a medal.....seriously.

M Sport brakes....violent? Don't worry about them being oversensitive, they are not....plenty of feel when used 'normally'. But when you use them in anger.....violent

I'm probably not the best person to ask about standard M Sport vs. Adaptive suspension. It has been a little while since I test drove a 330D M Sport with standard suspension. Can some of the more qualified test pilots that have driven them back to back comment?

What I can say is it is not 'SE/Luxury/sport', etc supple in comfort mode. Perhaps half way between these and M Sport? In Sport mode they seem stiffer than the 330D MS I drove, but then again that was riding on the M400 18". I would say that for the 50 notes or so they cost, worth it to me.