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Originally Posted by PF64 View Post
Nice provisional rite up nisfan.

I will be curious to get your views on the adaptive cruise after living with it for a bit.

I had it on my first E60 but didn't use it a lot as it always made me more nervous than relaxed. I am sure the tech has moved on quite a lot in 6 years though.

Pleased to hear about the steering though.

Mine is supposed to be at the dealers on the 18th. Fingers crossed.
Thanks matey

I used the ACC a fair bit today, it does do some strange things if you leave it on (which is easier to do than you might think). Roundabouts are............interesting An example: if you follow another car into a roundabout you get situations mid corner when the radar can no longer 'see' the car that has just turned out of it's sight, then the ACC turns on the taps mid roundabout.......nice in these icy conditions, lol. Another thing it can do is again on roundabouts, pick up a sign or other stationary feature mid roundabout, and almost come to a stop. Answer: Don't use it on roundabouts. Otherwise it works really well....although still not tested it in heavy motorway conditions just yet.

I know what the waiting is like...agony...definitely worth it though, it is an amazing car.