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Originally Posted by westcory View Post
I live in Seattle and I think the xdrive does well in snow but miserable on iced over roads. I had a 2006 325xi and it was pretty dicey at times.......and I learned to drive on ice in a Canada. I would recommend snow tires if you are going to be running into constant ice through winter.
I don't know about Seattle but here in Vancouver as of today, we have not had 1 day this year where the temperature has been below freezing. Today's long term 2 week forecast until the end of December does not have 1 night time low below freezing and average daytime highs of 6 or 7 degrees.

Besides a big snow dump 4 years ago it seems like the weather patterns are changing and the weather is getting warmer and wetter here in Vancouver. We may have an occasional rare clear cold snap in the winter and then it warms up and rains for 2 weeks. We have a full set of winter tires for my wife's MDX that has not even been put on yet and it looks like there will be no need to put them on until at least January and even if we have put them on they are usually off for the season by the middle or end of February. Around here the noisy, sloppy, poor handling winter tires are usally a waste for our warm wet winters. Talking to the guys at my tire store last year they said that it as been so warm here in Vancouver over the past few years that it is killing their high profit winter tire business.........