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My last car was a leased e90, i had a chip and intake. I would take the tune out when I would go in for warranty claims, and just leave it in bypass mode and clear the codes for regular service. I would only take it out if my fuel pump was failing. The old tunes had CAN capability which allowed you to clear codes without a Bavarian tech tool. The new stage 1 burger tune for the f30 n55 doesn't have CAN capability so you would need a scanner/clearer like the BT. The old tune was 10 times more complicated than this tune so it would be very easy to just take it out for service. Even if you leave it in and they find it they can't just void warrenty, they have to be able to prove what you installed caused damage. Even if you had a tune, got unlucky and blew a turbo or had a major engine issue, take it out clear the codes and take it in. 3lbs of extra boost will only make fail what was going to in 5k miles.