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Going to weigh in a bit on this one. Constructive criticism all, I trust no one gets their back up. (commenting on tunes can make some people froth at the mouth...)

Originally Posted by minijet View Post
My thoughts coming from a modified 135i N54.

Not planning any engine mods for my 328i but...

If i was to mod, i would wait until someone like cobb came out with a flash tune. I had both procede and JB previous and none of them compared to the smoothness (and for me power) of the Cobb.

Cobb is also much easier to install and uninstall as it was all via the ODB port.

My thoughts are if you really want piggybacks, then to wait a little as the N20 is still relatively new hence the product development is not as far advanced. I would rather others test it out for a while until i can get enough documented proof of its performance and safety.

just my 2 cents.
well said, I agree. I proper, custom ECU tune is preferable to a piggy IMO, even given the advanced nature of the piggy's out there now.

Originally Posted by J1n View Post
Does these sort of tuning devices void warranty or mess with the driving dynamics?
Yes (Spikey's got it right in his reply) and you "gots to pay to play", and potentially yes. The BMS stuff for the N54 was very ham-fisted IMO, as it didn't deal with Timing until much later in the development piece instead relying on the DME to deal with it, which is in no way ideal, and well after their main competitors (Cobb and Vishnu).

It was a blunt-instrument type of tune, generally loved by people who like to drag-strip their cars. Before the haters and flamers come out, I acknowledge there's nothing wrong with that if that's your thing, I'll just opt for refinement and advanced techniques over a sledgehammer. Cheap, effective, but not something I'd run long-term. Had a JB4, sent it back after a week of testing and logging. Didn't look back.

Originally Posted by Spikey View Post
warranty? well... if you have a piggyback type tune, leaving it in and/or having codes that indicate such tunes may make warranty claims related to drivetrain/engine etc a little harder if they're in plain sight. Also depends on the dealership and how much of an arse they want to be about it.

driving dynamics? "improved" is one word that should coem to mind after flashing or installing a tune.. lol
Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
The beauty of these piggyback tuning units is they can be installed and removed very quickly - in minutes - as all wiring connections are around the engine and the electronics box can be mounted almost anywhere safely under the hood.

So if you need to take the unit off for dealer servicing/warranty work, you can do so very easily, then replace it after you get your car back.

These 2 tunes don't 'mess' with the driving dynamics, they enhance it.
J1n, both are relatively mild tunes and they are not worrying at all.

Based on my experience with BMS, I will probably buy a JB, just not sure when.
Sure, it's easy to remove, and you might even be able to remove it prior to servicing, but good luck removing the tuner codes that get flagged on your car. Yes, they exist. Given the local dealerships have increasing less authorisation (as a result of people modding and removing after something goes spang) to do a warranty repair you can come unstuck. The car is plugged in and diagnostics uploaded to BMW DE for analysis and approval in many cases, particularly drive-train related issues.

But hey, your car and your wallet, whatever you do with it is no one's issue but yours!

In closing, for those after more power and worry about warranty, the only and safest route to go is the BMW Power Kit when it eventually comes out coupled with the M Performance exhaust, which you'll probably have to import/ get through Stu. You won't be the quickest BMW out there (but you don't buy a 328i for that) but you'll have a thrilling machine nonetheless.

The real joy in this car is the handling for me. The engine is no slouch, but it's a great setup with the M Adaptive or M-sport. Any idiot can go fast in a straight line, but real drivers know how to use the big round thing their hands rest on

I know I'm looking forward to seeing what people do with their cars in the years ahead.